The KCC Neighbour is a community newspaper by and for people living in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage community. As such, we try to let our articles and content reflect the flavour of our neighbourhood. We appreciate both informative and editorial submissions and encourage you to find a style that works best for the type of article submitted.

How to write a simple article? Most likely there are as many different opinions about this as there are authors, but here's a few tips:

  • Try to keep your content to 500 words max. We can always supplement with pictures you submit to highlight your articles. If your article is too long, it may be edited or sent back for revision.
  • Make it heartfelt. Our readers love to share stories that are genuine and personal.
  • When in doubt, simplify: Worried you're not using the right words? Use simpler words. Worried that your sentence isn't clear? Make a simpler sentence. Worried that people won't see your point? Make your point simpler. Nearly every writing problem you have can be solved by making things simpler.
  • Check your facts. If it's an informative article, please check that all the information is correct and quote your sources if necessary.
  • Check your spelling

Please note: The KCC Neighbour committee makes the final decisions on content and not all articles submitted will be printed.

Drop off or send content to:
Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House
4065 Victoria Drive

or emailed to: